41°52'27.0"N 44°32'57.1"E

23.09.21 The point has taken place.
She collected in herself everything seen, heard and said.
The action was at 14.00 o'clock.
18 minutes 18 seconds
Near the town of Shida Kartli
River მტკვარი / Mtkvari. Flow. Creek. Nice water.
The river gnaws its way in the mountains.

Two meters of white cloth.
Jugs. სურა / Sura. Two metal ones
A bowl. ტასი / Tasi. Black gouache.

Save. Collect. Remember. Combine.
Accept and cleanse.
Forget and return to your loneliness.

The place where it all has begun from.
Where my path of collected names ended.

The dress.

Written names seen, called.
Became obvious.
Recorded and preserved in memory.
Washed with water.

Got wrapped in the names.